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Through our delivery of intermediating services, we can help people into the society to carry out tasks that some find obvious. Among other things, we provide conversational support in various forms, for example through text and speech.

Samres has several different assignments where the majority of communication takes place with people with special needs. In our intermediating services, we, our clients and their end customers have great value from our long experience of communicating with the target group. Samre's employees are continuously trained and coached to be able to meet people with safety and service in focus.

Of course, we can offer the service 24 hours a day, every day of the year and deliver according to high demands. Among other things, we handles SOS-calls, which require special demands on us as a supplier.

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Among other things, we perform the call-mediating service "" on behalf of the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS). mediates conversations between people who speak and people who write. The person using text in the call calls with a text phone, a mobile app or via a web app. The other party of the call uses a regular telephone or mobile phone. Our employees act as mediators and mediate the conversation in both directions.

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