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Our customer service can handle all the channels that your customers want to communicate through. We attach great importance to simplicity and clarity through the right technology and employees. Our customer service organization has a great deal of expertise in meeting people with different needs and we constantly strive to develop our business in technology, digital solutions and in general in meeting the customer. In our assignments, we have a high level of availability and customer satisfaction.

We answer many different types of questions for many different types of people in different languages, and assist our clients with the investigation of incidents and good statistics for improvement work.

Of course, we can offer the service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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How does it work?

We meet thousands of people every day where we represent our clients. A customer can contact us through various channels to ask questions about a service or product, ask for technical support, complain about something, and much more. In several of our assignments, we are also investigating the errand and giving feedback to the customer, as well as taking actions. In some assignments we perform the entire customer service for our client, and in others we act as first line or overflow.

Our staff are experts in meeting people who seek help. With long experience and responsiveness, we know how to achieve both a high level of customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

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