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About booking & order management

We manage millions of bookings and orders every year. Here we have great benefit from our long experience and high competence in offering efficient volume management with security and accuracy in focus, so that the booking/order and the information about it is correct.

We perform tasks such as booking services, making changes and adjustments to existing bookings, making cancellations, setting up recurring bookings such as a travel schedule, and all handling that follows from this.

Of course, we can offer the service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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How does it work?

Among other things, we handle travel bookings in demand responsive traffic. When a customer contacts us to book a trip, we take into account laws, rules and individual permits/needs. We also make changes and cancellations of trips as well as planning of recurring trips. Interpreting information from customers and entering the correct information in the booking is obvious for us.

In assignments that include booking and order management, we use either the systems provided by the client, or systems that we provide. We have a close relationship with our sister company DRT Solutions AB, which has developed the booking and planning system "Drip" for demand responsive traffic.

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