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Who are we?

Samres was started in Lund in 1993 and is today an international company with approximately 400 employees. Our focus is to help our clients' customers, regardless of whether it is a matter of booking a trip, getting help from customer service or receiving support to be able to carry out a task. Our long experience has given us high competence in meeting our clients' customers and users with safety and service in focus.

Our most important resource is our staff. Through our personnel work, we have managed to get employees who are satisfied and stay within the organization for a long time, which means that we can build up competence and experience over time, and achieve high quality.

Our business idea

Samres delivers B2B solutions for errand handling, support, intermediating services and administration. We specialize in delivering customer contact services to organizations primarily in the traffic sector. We have also developed expertise in communication solutions for people with special needs and handle around 6 million errands annually in both the private and public sectors.

Our solutions are cost-effective with high quality, which is made possible by our unique "best-shore" solution for Scandinavia, where we distribute errands in the most advantageous way between different channels and between our different sites. Our business is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Reliable Customer Contact

We are a member of the association Kontaka, an industry and interest organization for companies and organizations that work with customer service and sales through phone and digital channels. We have been awarded the "Reliable Customer Contact" award. Reliable Customer Contact is a label for ethical customer contacts in order to guide both consumers and customers to companies that offer serious sales and customer service via phone and digital channels.

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Our sites

Lund & Skövde, Sweden

Samres has been in Lund since 1993 and in Skövde since 1996. In Lund, our office is a combination of head quarter and production site, and in Skövde we have an production site.

Tartu, Estonia

Our site in Estonia was Samre's first office outside Sweden. We have been in the cozy student city of Tartu since 2004.

Chisinau, Moldova

We have been in the Moldovan capital Chisinau since 2008. In our office we handle different types of assignments. Here we also have specialized groups that are experts in statistics and work force management.

Dakar, Senegal

We have been in Senegal's capital Dakar since 2011. Several of our employees have been working with us from the start and the majority come directly from studies at Dakar University.

It all started in 1993

Samres is founded in connection with the taxi market being deregulated to offer an independent booking and planning center within publicly paid passenger transport, demand responsive traffic.

In 2004 we became international

Our first international site is established in Tartu, Estonia.

We entered a new market in 2009

We are entering a new market, "intermediating services". Our expertise in helping people to a functioning everyday life comes in handy and we know the customer group well.

In 2017, the group got a new company

The Samres group establishes a new technology company, DRT Solutions AB.

In 2018, our position will be strengthened through a new business area

We are establishing a new business area within customer service where we are experiencing strong growth, we call it "customer and traffic-related services".

In 2021, we carry out our first fully digital language training

In 2021, we carry out our first fully digital language training.

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